What is KOJEE Coffee


What is Kojee Coffee?

Kojee is coffee made of a right balance of premium coffee without artificial flavoring, non-diary creamer blended with extracts of herbal made of Eurycoma longifolia, Ange GinengGinseng, Radix Angelicae Sinensis from Polynesia. Kojee is manufactured under ISO, HACCP, GMP, and Halal Standard.

  • Kojee Coffee is a powder of herbal mix and instant coffee
  • Being a natural energizer and testosterone booster
  • Contributing in spermatogenesis, development of secondary male sexual characteristics and other metabolic functions
  • Contributing in hypertrophy
  • Increasing power output

What is unique about Kojee Coffee?

Unlike other sex drive booster, Kojee Coffee is not a stimulant. It consists of building your strength over a period of two weeks,and maintaining it.

How to use Kojee Coffee?

Kojee is packaged in coffee bag of daily dose so no measurement is needed.

KOJEE COFFEE is made to be as efficient as convenient. To make a drink of KOJEE COFFEE, just  add one bag of KOJEE to 2-4 oz of hot water, stir it to disolve the powder, and enjoy your drink; and full benefits follow in less than an hour.

Use a coffee bag per day for twelve consecutive days. After the twelve introductory days regimen use one bag every two or three days for long term effect.


MEN, let’s Get Real!

Getting Low-T or low testosterone is a matter of time. After thirty, a man’s testosterone declines at a frightening rate of twenty percent every ten years. From age fifty on, every man should be happy if his is at HALF of his original testosterone level. Even if you don’t see any symptom, YOU DO NOT WANT TO WAIT TILL WE YOU LOSE IT ALL!

Do not wait any longer!

Your sex life and your desire for sex should not fade away as you age! Kojee Coffee can balance and maintain your hormone level. It will promote your overall health and give you a healthy libido.

Ignite the flames of passion, and rekindle your inner fire with Kojee Coffee

Although here are no known contraindications, if in doubt of the suitability of this product, please consult your doctor before taking the product. Kojee may not be suitable for heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes patients.